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Like You

Well because i don’t know what to do i’m just going to say it on here and hope one day i get to ask you in person. I like you and its not for you looks, your car or your age. Its for who you are! You to me are a funny, smart, and wild person. You make me smile and look at this world in a different light. I asked you on a date and things got crazy and now i don’t know where i stand. I love your hugs and the fact that you’re taller than me “because come on that doesn’t happen a lot when your six two”. And i never thought in a million years i would end up hanging out with you lot alone asking you out on a date. Life is crazy and sometimes very hard to figure out, but i hope that someday i can figure out what’s going on. This way i’m not so quiet around you when we see each other. 


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